imagesHVHK5FWXAcknowledged as a scholar of the highest level, Khentrul Lodröe T’haye Rinpoche twice received the title of Khenpo (equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy). He has also been recognized by H.H. Kathog Moksa Rinpoche as a tulku (a reincarnate master) of Drubtop Namkha Gyamtso of Kathog Monastery.  Hence the name khentrul, which denotes one who is both a khenpo and a tulku. In addition to having completed the traditional three-year retreat, he has received the entire Nyingtik lineage (including Nyingtig Yabzhi, Dzod Dun, Ngalso Korsum, Yeshe lama, and Chetzun Nyingtig), as well as empowerments, scriptural transmissions, and explanations on the pith instructions for Great Perfection practice.

He has taught for many years at the monasteries in Tibet and India and is the abbot of Mardo Tashi Chöling where he established a retreat center and shedra.  He directs the education and spiritual practice of three hundred monks, seventy advanced-degree candidates, sixty children, and twenty retreatants.

For more information about Rinpoche, his US schedule, activities and recordings, please go to www.katogcholing.com.

Rinpoche 009Khentrul Rinpoche visits Katog Yeshe Ling regularly, providing teachings and guidance, offering us methods for overcoming suffering and finding ultimate happiness for both ourselves and others.  These practices enrich our daily lives, relationships, and work.  Through the lama’s teachings, students learn powerful and practical methods, cultivating kind hearts and pure motivation in all activities.  Like the sun melting ice, Vajrayana practices dissolve obscurations to reveal our essential nature.